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  • Chinese Ambassador: Base COVID-19 Origin-Tracing on Science and Boost International Cooperation

    The COVID-19 origin-tracing is "a serious and complex scientific question that requires the collaboration of scientists around the world and joint efforts and cooperation of governments and people of all countries," said Chinese Ambassador to Denmark Feng Tie in an article published on August 18 on the website of The Copenhagen Post.

  • Experts Urge Science-based COVID-19 Origin Tracing

    Virus origin tracing is a scientific issue that should be carried out through scientific measures and should not be manipulated by politics, and future origin tracing studies should be conducted on the basis of the first?phase results, according to experts from several countries during recent interviews with Science and Technology Daily.

  • China Firmly Opposes Politicization of Origins Tracing: FM Spokesperson

    “What we firmly oppose is politicization of origins tracing,” said the Chinese Foreign Ministry on August 18.

  • Sci-tech Empowers Athletes in Competitive Ablities

    China bagged 88 medals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, a figure higher than the results achieved at the previous Rio Olympic Games in 2016.

  • How Do Foreigners Work Legally in China

    To start the applicatin process, first apply online from outside China for a Foreigner's Work Permit Notice. Only 7 documents are needed for the application.

  • Why the Popular Chinese Chipset Is Called Kirin

    In 2016, Kirin 960 designed by HiSilicon, a Chinese semiconductor company based in Shenzhen, was recognized as one of "Best of Android 2016" by the Android Authority. The Kirin chipset has continued to impress the world with its pioneering performance, remarkable efficiency, refined AI technology, and superior connectivity. But do you know the origin of its name?

  • WEEKLY REVIEW (August 12 - August 19)

    China's carbon dioxide monitoring satellite TanSat reported its first global carbon flux data set on August 15.

  • Education Brideges Two Cultures

    At the end of August 2021, I will celebrate the 8th anniversary of my arrival in China, where I decided to study, work, and live. My arrival was not dictated by chance but by a scholarship awarded to me by the Confucius Institute to study at the prestigious Nankai University in Tianjin. In Italy, my country of origin, I had studied Chinese language and culture as part of my academic path. Still, one step away from my master's degree I realized I was not satisfied with my Chinese language skills and dreamed of a trip to China to discover more about this beautiful country and immerse myself in its ancient culture.

  • Safe and Effective, Chinese Vaccines against Delta Variant: Zhong Nanshan

    Are Chinese vaccines effective against the Delta variant? "Yes, they are effective and very safe." This is the definitive answer from Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, speaking at a summit in Guangzhou at the end of July. He said that for China, 83.3 percent of the population should be vaccinated to reach herd immunity. For this reason, he advised the public to get vaccinated.

  • G20 Digital Ministers Commit to Accelerating Digital Transformation

    The G20 Ministerial Meeting on digitalization, hosted online by the Italian presidency on August 5, focused on digital transformation of productive activities toward sustainable economic growth.

  • China's Large Dams Benefit the People

    The Gezhouba Dam is a representative of China's large dams, which have enjoyed skyrocketing development since the country's reform and opening up policy came into being.

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